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Development future main business, main products required

Main business, main products required

I perform it from press junsokata*keiseisaku such as the field of electronics, a digital product, the car electrical component to press parts production, quality control consistently.

◇Die for the trial manufacture of the development product

<< the conventional results >>

・Connector for BtB         ・Connector for the wire harness
・Connector for the car        ・Case of the interface part 
・Cover shell                  ・USB-related parts
・Curling shape terminal      ・Charge terminal, pat for the battery
・Development products

Future development

The Skytree under construction

I will challenge the order remittance type design production of other fields that are not kept in the electronic parts-related field, press product production, the field utilized the die component production technology. I want to send our processing technique to medical care, aviation, various fields including the space connection.


I expand the field of electronics, a digital product, a car electrical component, the order remittance type design production of the press parts such as lighting apparatuses and production, the quality control of the press artefact sequentially.


shisakujunsokata for product realization is our good field. I accept an item stimulating production by a try and error.


The production of the experiment die for the scientific study. Accept experiment production, the collection of data, an offer of the production engineering; more and more. (there are the results of the certain university Process Technology R & D Laboratories.)


Through metalwork, die design production, data collection of the production engineering and technical follow, I fix my eyes on our development for a customer and an employee, society and open a network to the world as well as Japan.

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