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junsokata, press product production example

The die which concentrated our techniques realizes the production of the connector ranging from the world's smallest parts less than 0.5mm to big parts. I introduce a few products here.

Characteristic of our product

Processing materials
Stainless steel, copper system, coLuzon alloy system, brass, others and the processing of various materials are possible.
Product size
I can produce it from 0.5mm or less to a product of 50.0mm.
Production amount
It is supported to a mass production product widely by a small lot trial product.
Short delivery date correspondence
I establish the start-to-finish production system and realize short delivery date.
High quality
I perform thorough quality control by the perfect inspection system.
It becomes our die product. It becomes the super smart and precision structure and can perform maintenance adjustment smoothly. I can cope from shisakujunsokata to a mass production type.

Press product

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