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President greetings

"I am reliable" not "a product" of providing it for a customer

We "you MEC" established it in Yokohama-shi in 1991 and performed operation mainly on press order remittance type design production, exact press parts production. I will try to be able to trust satisfaction to a customer in succession to technology and the know-how that I cultivated for further technology up and improvement in Quality of Service from now on.

The order remittance type production in the press working is assumed the field hard to please in press working, and the connectors of the electronic parts which we are good at are classified in the field where it is the most difficult. In addition, I am considered that the die production expense is high. However, by a high-performance NC machine tool, the appearance of the CAD/CAM system of the high function, our die production method develops, too and is contributing to reduction of the production expense of the natural order remittance type, shortening at production time now.

The speed of the technology development of customer (maker) is hasty year by year, and the product quality request contents to us are extremely high; is a success. I reach the domain considered to have difficulty with processing for the common sense of the conventional production method and processing method. However, it is our significance of existence that I cope with a demand of visitor immediately, and come true and thinks that it is connected in big competitiveness.

It will make an effort for our further improvement in a motto for "relief" not "a product" to contribute to the customer.

         Youmec,Inc. president Yuji Sanada
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