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It is not "a product" to contribute to the visitor and "is reliable"
We << Youmec,Inc. >> will try to be able to trust satisfaction to a customer in succession to technology and the know-how that I cultivated for further technology up and Quality of Service improvement. Future development fixes its eyes on our development for a customer and an employee, society and opens a network to the world as well as Japan, and what I provide to a customer will make an effort for our further improvement in a motto for "relief" not "a product".

Realize the Innovation

I am active as central business by press die design, production, exact press parts production.
I dealt with various connector parts including TV used in daily life commonly and connector parts to connect USB, a battery charger, TV or the videos such as PCs to, electric equipment parts used for the wiring of the car.
In late years I make use of technology and the know-how that I cultivated and challenge a die design, the production of very small connector (the world's smallest class) parts for various small portable devices including the smartphone tablet PC.
I try for up and improvement of the technology in order to realize the design concept of the customer to the maximum in the times when speed of the innovation quickens.

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